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you wanna hear about my 2014? [14 Feb 2015|03:33pm]
[ mood | busy ]

So let me get you all caught up on stuff that happened last year since my last actual post about my life, so looking back on 2014
This is a picture heavy post - be warned!

March/April - Winetasting adventures and Mexico trip!Collapse )

May - AnimeNorth, art and delicious eatsCollapse )

June - La RouxCollapse )

July - summer goodnessCollapse )

August - ma birthday and Fan ExpoCollapse )

September - post-convention slow downCollapse )

October - steampunk party!Collapse )

November - William Gibson!! and the return of Moist madnessCollapse )

December - i'll give you something to be grateful forCollapse )

And I am really sorry this took more than a month to get together, it was mostly the photos that bogged things down LOL


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argh alive!!! [23 Dec 2014|05:14pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]


I am getting ready to send out my holiday gift cards like I do every year, if you like one please leave a comment below with your address I will be screening all comments to this entry!

THANKS TO songfire3 and maiji for the lovely cards!! :D



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cold snap [28 Feb 2014|08:42pm]
[ mood | cold ]

I don't know what it's like anywhere else, but around February in Canada I start to get really sick of winter. Not just the fact that outside is a unending bore of white, black and grey, or the fact that I have to wear at least three layers to go outside, or the biting cold or whole "Hey I just finished shoveling my driveway, time to shovel my driveway!" idea, but I am just so ready for spring. I yearn for a hint of green, for a warm wind, a mild day without the bite of cold, or ice to slip on or snow to have to trudge through. I actually wore away my ice cleats I had on my boots from using them for so long, and every shop I went to looking for a replacement said they were out and they wouldn't be getting more since the season was nearly over - HA! We are supposed to get at least two more weeks with an average daytime temperature of -10C. and that's the average, today was nearly -20C in the morning! Season doesn't seem over to me!

Even indoors, I am tired of my hands being cold, wearing two pairs of socks AND my slippers, right now I'm wearing this hoodie I got that has like fluffy fake chenille fur on the inside lol Sometimes I think the only time I'm truly warm all over is when I'm in the bath and when I'm in bed. It's seriously starting to impact my eternal optimism, or at least I'm optimistic but also kinda grouchy and my body seems to be very confused and has been making me vaguely miserable in ways I don't understand. For example, just this winter I started to get what I believe are "migraine auras" but without the actual migraine? I've only had them about four times since December (just had my fourth one today, actually) and the first one I had FREAKED ME. RIGHT. OUT. Especially when nothing happened afterwards! lol I was waiting for pain or something but nope, everything went back to normal. I went to my regular doctor who looked in my eyes, didn't see anything but still recommended I visit the eye doctor, so that's on the to-do list.

At the end of March, I am going to see an old childhood friend get married in Mexico and I CAN'T WAIT TO GO. Not only did I get some new bathing suits (including an ADORABLE one piece that looks like a tiny polkadotted dress) but I got some travel books and a primer for basic/common Spanish sentences, because I speak even less Spanish than I do French. I am looking forward to all-inclusive eating and drinking mixed in with staying in the shade on the beach (Dutch girl don't tan) and hopefully do some eco-tourism, I'm bringing my 30X zoom camera and I even got a waterproof backpack from MEC (on sale! whee!) to carry it around in! :D


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adventures with sprinkles! [09 Feb 2014|01:49am]
[ mood | accomplished ]

I didn't really make a formal set of new year's resolutions but one of the things I wanted to do was try to be more creative in making foodstuffs, which is part of what prompted the chicken recipe from my previous post and also part of the reason I got a new Kitchenaid mixer for Christmas. The other day I decided to finally break in my gorgeous girl and also try out one of the many recipes I've pinned on Pinterest, a recipe for Birthday Cake Fudge :D I did a little documenting of the momentous occasion:

adventures with sprinkles!Collapse )

I think it came out quite good, it was very sweet and dense but strangely addictive to eat lol It was a big hit with my friend's son's birthday party I brought it to, especially with the small children to the point we kinda had to hide it lol


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herbed goat cheese and sundried tomato chicken breast recipe [19 Jan 2014|06:43pm]
[ mood | hungry ]

I made a quick and dirty version of this recipe the other day and I want to write it down somewhere before I forget what exactly I did lol The measurements in this recipe are not exact and you may end up with leftover parts and I don't have a picture of the final result as it was so good I ate it immediately!

Herbed Goat Cheese and Sundried Tomato Chicken Breast


3 large skinless chicken breasts (or 4 medium to small sized ones)
one 300g package of herbed goat cheese (like this one)
one small container of sundried tomatoes from the olive bar section of produce
olive oil
kosher salt or sea salt
black pepper
(optional : Monteal style chicken seasoning)


Preheat your oven to 375 F

1. Using a pan with higher walls like a 12" or 8" cake pan, spread a little olive oil on the bottom of the pan, then place your chicken breasts on the olive-oiled pan surface
2. Depending on the shape of the chicken breast, either find a way to cut into the breast to create an empty spot in the center, or cut a few slits into the top of the breast
3. Take your little package of goats cheese and put at least half in a small bowl, then use a butter knife or the back of a small spoon to crush it into manageable crumbled bits (if you need more cheese repeat this step later)
4. Stuff the goat cheese into the center hollow or the slits
5. Take a few of your sundried tomatoes and julienne cut them into strips, then cut them again into aprox 1cm pieces. Depending on your tastes, cut as many tomatoes as you want to go in the chicken
6. Evenly push your tomato bits into the goat cheese, it's ok to leave them as the top most part of the slit because I find they taste even more delicious when they are blackened a bit
7. Use a small basting brush or your fingers to cover the top parts and sides of the chicken breasts with olive oil
8. Sprinkle/rub the salt and pepper, if you like Montreal Chicken Seasoning then add a dash of that on top too
9. Wash your hands after you've been handling raw chicken!!
10. Put the pan in the oven for 40-45 mins depending on how strong your oven is, when done be sure to cut into the thickest part of the breast to ensure it's cooked thoroughly

The cheese makes the chicken really moist and amazing and the sundried tomatoes are a lovely sweet counterpoint to the strong cheese! :D


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